European Road Safety Charter

British Red Cross

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The British Red Cross will run a campaign called 'Help a Mate'. It will involve peer educators being trained to deliver first aid education relevant to road safety to young people most at risk from road traffic collisions. The work will focus on deprived communities where injury and death rates from road crashes are highest. Target numbers are low due to the focused nature of the work.
Our objective
To reduce road deaths and injuries by giving 3,500 people aged 12 – 18, who are most likely to witness or be involved in a road traffic collision, the skills, confidence and encouragement to save lives and reduce injury via peer education.
Resources and activity
A new Roadside First Aid programme will be created for this campaign. Peer educators plan and develop activities around this programme. The 'events' will be advertised locally, taking advice from local staff, and delivered by the peer educators in local community centres close to the identified areas of high deprivation.
All participants will be asked about their levels of 'willingness to act' and 'confidence in first aid' before and after the activity. This method of evaluation is designed to help us gain more qualitative data about the worth of the programme and therefore enable us to adapt it if necessary.
Key messages
First aid can reduce road death
Learn first aid
First aid is a life skill
Additional related work
The British Red Cross is also involved in working directly with the Driving Standards Agency to improve the first aid content of the driving test and we will continue to do this.
Number of people targeted by our action: 3,500
Number of materials produced (leaflets, etc.):        
6,000 Pens,
10,000 message cards,
6,000 certificates,
6,000 plaster pouches