European Road Safety Charter

Boraine Police Zone

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We are committed to work towards a decrease of 10% of the accidents involving injuries with special attention to black spot areas (= the most affected streets) and vulnerable road users.
Operational objective 1:We will place five times a week, for a full day, a preventive radar on major roads defined as black spots to educate road users on excessive speeding.
Operational objective 2: We will place a trailer with an electronic panel displaying a targeted message five times a week on the major roads defined as black spots to educate the users of these roads on the potential dangers.
Operational objective 3: We will perform on a daily basis two static controls on these major roads in order to raise awareness among road users on the risk of being caught for committing an offence.

Operational objective 4:We will contact the heads of primary schools in order to inform children about basic safety precautions to be observed as pedestrian, cyclist or passenger in the back of a car.

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