European Road Safety Charter

BOBBY a.s.b.l.

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The non-profit association Bobby is committed to carrying out actions aimed at reducing the number of road accident victims, through:
- Expanding the network of volunteers to meet higher demand. We currently have five volunteers and we seek to raise that number to ten to further our capacity to meet the demand from schools.
- More services in schools. At present, the non-profit association Bobby provides approximately thirty days in schools. We intend to double this figure, i.e. reach some sixty schools per year. Other activities must be added such as open days and lessons delivered by the police themselves, or even collaborating associations, with the “Bobby” material.
- Extending the concept to other European countries and beyond. The products will be translated into other languages if necessary. The programmes are currently available in French, Dutch, German and Polish.
- Developing new products: at the moment, we are developing “Bobby and road signs” on paper and plan to create the software. This will be translated into Belgium’s three official languages (French, Dutch and German) and into other languages in line with demand (if necessary, we will adapt the project according to local road signs).
- Participating in various events such as open days run by the local police force.
- Reaching cooperation agreements with other associations.
- Increasing contact with police services.
- Building upon the non-profit association’s communication by means of issuing “Bobby’s Diary”, a new dynamic website and heightening the use of Internet tools (e-mail, among others).