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Bicycle Rally for teachers - Promotion of the cycling license for kids

This year's World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims carried the message "We do not want more victims to remember, we want to live our lives together." How to promote such a strong slogan? The Foundation “Roads of Mazovia” and partners decided to do so with an educational project called "Bicycle Rally for teachers - Promotion of the cycling license for kids".
November in Poland is the ugliest month of the year. Clouds, rain, snow, frosts. You have to organize something very special to encourage people to get on a bicycle. The Bicycle Rally for the physical education teachers in Warsaw turned out to be something special as they could win prizes not only for their class, but also for themselves. 31 teachers signed up.
The project combined several elements - promotion of the #WDoR2021 slogans, cycling license for kids, bicycle tourism, physical activity despite the low temperature, post covid rehabilitation. The rally on 22 November was also a street game, because a real rally consists of tasks on the route. With the project, we promoted both the message on the occasion of the World Day of Remembrance, but also the need for students to have a cycling license as the first step to adulthood in road traffic.
Due to the pandemic, task stations were hidden under QR codes. Veturilo city bike stations were the platform for the QR codes. The task of the rally participants was to reach these QR stations and download the knowledge on the phone. In the codes, we have included information about road safety, about the cycling license, about the idea of the World Day of Remembrance, about the sponsors. Then, after crossing the finish line, the participants had to write a test of the knowledge gained during the Rally. We placed the start at the Giant Fabryczna store – one of the partners. We located the finish line at the headquarters of the Prevention Section of the Road Traffic Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters.
We did not want the Rally to become a race. The test result decided who got the grand prize for himself and the class. The time was not important, but the teachers' ability to assimilate knowledge using the methods their students use every day. The prizes were really impressive: three bicycle navigations from MIO Poland, three service vouchers and vouchers for accessories from Giant Fabryczna, five 4F backpacks, 20 lighting sets from Giant Polska. Each participant was given a bicycle grease and a bicycle first aid kit. The reward for the teacher's class is a free cycling license course and a bicycle trip.
Mr. Adam Biedrzycki from the School No. 41 in Warsaw achieved the best test result.
During the Saturday broadcast on Radio TOK-FM, the leader, Krzysztof Woźniak, asked us if the World Day of Remembrance could be promoted by a bicycle rally. Does such a rally have an educational value? The idea of the project was to promote the cycling license for kids as a mandatory document authorizing children from 10 years old to use public roads. If we do not want more victims to remember, we must pass on the knowledge to the children. But! Children need to learn that from adults. The child will not know that they need such a document. As the test results showed, 3/4 of the teachers did not know the age when the children could apply for this document. The cycling license is the first stage to adulthood in road traffic. More and more bicycle paths are being built in Warsaw. Adults and children alike think that they don't have to know the road rules, that a bicycle license is unnecessary. Not wanting to have a document means not wanting to learn the road safety. So, the number of victims won’t be smaller to remember.
The main organizers were the Foundation “Roads of Mazovia”, the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (PZM) and the Warsaw Police Headquarters. The project was financed by the Warsaw Town Hall - Education Office. The sponsors of the awards were MIO Poland, Giant Poland – Fabryczna Store. The technical partner was Nextbike Polska, the operator of the Veturilo city bike.