European Road Safety Charter

Berufskolleg Halle

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Adolescents in college (Sekundarstufe II) experience mobility more and more as an expression of individual and free life style. The Berufskolleg Halle wants to raise awareness amongst its students for correct behavior in road traffic. Our goal is foremost to lower risks and dangers when participating in road traffic, especially as a novice driver, by pedagogic work and to reach a safety and health oriented participation in traffic of young people.
For the next three years the Berufskolleg Halle therefore commits to offer a day of road safety for all of its 1.575 students. On this day there will be information on all kinds of topics related to road safety. Using different kinds of simulations the students will experience e.g. what forces are effective in an accident, how alcohol affects perception and how a seat-belt can save lifes. To that effect, slide simulators are used as well as accident simulations with life-sized puppets.
Expert support is provided by the coordinators of the regional government (Bezirksregierung). At Berufskolleg Halle, the consultant for traffic and mobility education develops the concept for mobility education and informs students, teachers and employees comprehensively.

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