European Road Safety Charter

The Belgian Post Group

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The actions cover structural measures:
- Analysis of work accidents
- Analysis of black spots on the postal service routes
- Introduction of alternative means of transport
and also a continuous awareness raising among our employees through:
- practical (internal) training on defensive driving and eco-driving,
(Obligatory for postmen and truck drivers, voluntary for drivers of company cars)
- particular attention to the risks of road safety at the reception of new employees (PowerPoint presentation and brochure)
- signing of a Safety Charter by all the postmen and their line managers,
- monthly awareness raising activities (toolbox sessions supported with PowerPoint presentations and posters) on topics such as respecting the road traffic laws, vehicle maintenance, influence of the weather, visibility, use of helmet and seat belt...
The target group is primarily the postmen and truck drivers (15000 persons).
The team consists of prevention experts, driving instructors, the hierarchical structure and internal communications.  

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