European Road Safety Charter

Belgian Institute for Road Safety (BRSI)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

1) We will annually organise a Road Safety Day in Belgium involving all our partners and stakeholders where we will grant a safety award to a company, a city... for their road safety initiative.
2) We will strengthen the facilitator role of the BRSI – as a body for consultation and coordination between different actors in the field of road safety, at the federal, regional, provincial, local and municipal level – in all areas related to road safety, and we will make this our top priority.
3) We will organise training on the new features of the road traffic law for BRSI staff and encourage them to apply defensive driving behaviour both in professional and in private transport.
Indicators at the Belgian level are:
- Number of road victims
- Road user behaviour regarding speed, driving under the influence of alcohol and use of the seat belt
- Road user attitude regarding speed, alcohol and seat belt use
Indicators at the level of the organisation are:
- Knowledge of the staff on new traffic rules
- Staff awareness and attitude on defensive driving

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