European Road Safety Charter


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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

As Belgium's leading provider of integrated telecommunication services, the Belgacom group is well aware of its leading role as a socially responsible company. For this reason, we are signing the European Road Safety Charter with the following commitment:
To maintain and increase the Belgacom Group vehicle safety level. To guarantee the importance of safety aspects (ESP, ABS, airbags, extra load fixing features, etc.) in the selection process for the acquisition of new vehicles. To organise inspections in Belgacom car parks to ensure correct tyre pressure on all vehicles (1,000 vehicles).To create awareness of the correct tyre pressure by attaching stickers to all new vehicles (500/year).To attach high-visibility safety signs on all sides of those vehicles used for construction works, in addition to those signs that are legally required.
To increase awareness of and respect for safety rules where Belgacom employees, contractors and road users are concerned, in order to reduce the number of accidents and/or incidents.To organise training for internal construction site supervisors on the correct application of road safety signs at our construction sites, in collaboration with the Belgian police.To provide training for new contractors on the correct application of road safety signs at our construction sites place on public roads. To organise specific inspections by internal construction site inspectors, followed by corrective action where needed (15,000/year).
To raise the level of knowledge about new road safety legislation among our employees in order to reduce the chances of accidents occurring due to unsafe driving behaviour.
Awareness campaign on the Belgacom Intranet site: overview of road safety signs, safe driving tips, etc. (18,000 employees). Distribution of a booklet containing all traffic signs to our utility vehicle drivers (4,000 drivers).ECO-driving course for drivers of lorries and top-mileage sales and management cars (200 drivers), which will also encourage safer driving.

Brussels, 12 November 2008