European Road Safety Charter


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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

With the aim of improving road safety, over the next three years, Drive Test will be carrying out the following actions:
 “18 de conduite” is the name of a joint action with the fire department to increase awareness on driving in dangerous conditions (on mountain roads or in bad weather). This action is especially directed toward civil servants (fire fighters, police officers and personnel from the Departmental Office of Infrastructure) who need to make a lot of road trips both during the day and at night. These courses fall under a partnership agreement between our company and government administrations, a non-profit commitment on our part.
  Media events aimed to increase awareness of the dangers of driving during the winter season will be spread through different outlets and specific tools. In 2010, we already have a press and media presentation scheduled for 18 November at the Charade Circuit, near Clermont Ferrand. Another large specialised press event is planned for Friday, 3 December, at a circuit near Paris.
 Reminder messages with tips for driving in different weather conditions through the same media outlets, but in a recurring way (every two months) and through a specific Internet site aimed at the general public.
Large public events focused on specifically risky driving periods (mainly high-traffic driving situations, like weekends before a holiday). Through the use of specific workshops, these initiatives are designed to show road dangers depending on different weather conditions (thanks to the use of the Skid Concept system) in strategically selected high-traffic areas (motorway car parks, etc.). We have planned for five events a year, with corresponding media coverage (press, TV and radio) and the participation of certain institutions such as the Automobile Club or road safety associations. Our objective is to reach 2,000 to 5,000 people for every three-day of four-day event, leaving a total of 10,000 to 25,000 people per year.
This plan of action has been scheduled for a period of three years.
Développement de l'éco conduite et de l'éco sécurité en entreprise grâce aux boitiers embarqués. Cibles privilégiées les grandes flotttes en entreprises. Huits Instructeurs/Formateurs disponibles en interne. Formation Drive Test Eco & Drive Test Sécurité. Site Internet dédié à ces activités, ainsi que site ftp sécurisé pour l'analyse et le suivi des formations.Utilisation de l'outil Skid Concept dans le cadre des formation Drive Test Sécurité.