European Road Safety Charter

BASF Antwerp

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Safety is priority number one for BASF Antwerp including road safety. Our statistics over the years shows that the number of accidents decreases, but the consequences are more serious. Any incident will be thoroughly analyzed and leads to corrective actions.
We are constantly working on awareness raising.
- We regularly organize training for motorcyclists; we organize cycling events, etc.
- We provide free bike helmets for people who commit to wear a helmet in commuter traffic. We promote the use of the public bus transport for BASF employees, because we believe this is a very safe way of transport and contributes to the reduction of the traffic density.
- In all our publications we regularly publish testimonials, articles on awareness raising, etc.
- Each new employee receives the safety guidelines in a clear and straightforward way. These guidelines are regularly repeated through training programs.
- On our site there is a general speed limit of 30 km / h.
Our actions are usually developed on the initiative of the prevention service, in collaboration with the colleagues from the company supervision, the engineering department (e.g. for infrastructure problems), our own company's cycling club, etc.
Externals are also regularly involved (Belgian Institute for Road Safety, the Belgian Cyclists' Association, the police...).
The employees of partner companies are also involved as much as possible in our initiatives.

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