European Road Safety Charter

Ayuntamiento de Mérida

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

To set up a road safety training centre for children and young people to teach theoretical and practical road safety behaviour concepts for pedestrians and drivers, together with the competent bodies and institutions.We will set up road safety education activities in schools and colleges over the next three years. We will organise some 50 annual activities for approximately 5,000 schoolchildren.
To help prevent risks among employees at Mérida City Council driving for work-related purposes and to and from work. Over the next three years, three courses will take place, as well as two annual campaigns, targeting some 800 employees.
To foster and develop programmes to re-educate civil and criminal offenders in coordination with the competent bodies and institutions. Some 12 courses will be organised annually, along with numerous activities.
Over the next three years, we will paint pedestrian crossings, arrows and lines to improve driver and pedestrian safety in all areas of the city lacking such signs or in which signs are in poor condition, totalling approximately 200 streets.
To create a specific municipal department for coordination, consultancy, study, proposals and support for the services of Mérida City Council with municipal powers in the field of public transport, school transport, mobility, traffic, road safety, road accessibility, control, monitoring and violation of urban road regulations, use of public roads, urban traffic accidents, and road safety education. This department will be called the INSTITUTO DE MOVILIDAD Y SEGURIDAD VIAL DE MERIDA [Mérida road safety and mobility institute], and will be responsible for ensuring the development of the charter commitments, with the ultimate objective of improving road safety conditions in the various day-to-day activities of the 55,000 citizens of Mérida.