European Road Safety Charter


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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

In the framework of its adhesion to the European Road Safety Charter, AXA Corporate Solutions commits to implement the following actions over the next three years:
- Training and transfer of experience through e-learning tools and presential training courses
For 17 years we have organized an average of 10 training sessions of two days per year for a client. Today we have 10 clients, large French companies and large companies in Europe (Italy, Belgium, UK, Germany...)Our method is based on knowledge transfer, i.e. we form “relays” (employees identified by our customers as future trainers of our in-house method). By 2015 we estimate to have around fifty large European customers.
- Specific learning modules by industry, profession and country
Our frame of reference ‘S.C.O.P.E’ is centred around the themes Driver Safety, Organization, Fleet and Environment. These modules are complemented by the modules “An alarming finding”, “Analysis of an accident”, “the 11 rules of safe driving” and “eco driving”. These courses are conducted by car fleet prevention consulting engineers that use an e-learning CD-ROM as supporting material.- Long-term support and corrective actions
All the intermediaries trained by us are receiving assistance days once or twice a year in order to validate their acquired knowledge and to answer their questions on for example regulatory aspects. The corrective actions will be taken at the request of an intermediary or after reporting in order to redefine the offer according to criteria and outcomes.
- Awareness raising through REX (Feedback on Claims).
We will make an analysis of accidents and we will offer recommendations. This feedback is offered at the request of the customer.
- Assistance in the changing of behavior while respecting the rules of common life

Our frame of reference is not a course on the traffic code. We educate and train the students on safe driving rules, so we work on the laws of physics and behavior in a given environment.
We use the same approach for motorized two-wheelers, for commuting and for work trips.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 

prévenir le risque routier au sein des entreprises : couts induits, codes du trvail et de la route, reglementations,

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