European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

AXA's Corporate Responsibility flagship theme is Risk research and education, and therefore its companies are strongly encouraged to develop prevention initiatives, and notably road safety actions. All AXA's European entities develop and run at least one major action in favour of road safety. The role of the Group is to share best practices between its entities and encourage them to launch prevention initiatives. These initiatives may cover education campaigns or products and services that integrate prevention in their design. Several departments are involved in this best practices sharing:
- The Property & Casualty global business line, which, oversees products and services, integrates a prevention dimension in its approach. Once a best practice is identified and seen as potentially reusable, the Group checks with its entities to assess its viability for local markets. If this is the case, the Group conducts research to develop a business case. One example of this is "Garantie Joker" developed by AXA France. For drivers under 25, if the insured person is not fit to drive home, he/she can make a simple phone call to AXA, and a taxi will be provided free of charge, up to five times a year. This service has already been launched by other entities within the Group and is under study for others.
- The Group Corporate Responsibility department that identifies within local corporate responsibility plans the best practices related to road safety and shares that information with the entities through regular meetings. Also, risk prevention initiatives are a core part of a tool developed internally to measure Corporate Responsibility degree of maturity of both the Group and the entities.
Here below some examples of road safety initiatives throughout AXA:
AXA Belgium: G-box is an innovative integrated concept to encourage young drivers to adopt safe driving behaviour. This new prevention technology is currently being tested by 500 young drivers (aged 18 to 22) in Belgium. A small detector, which is integrated in the car, measures G forces related to driving style (steep accelerations and decelerations) and helps adapt the driving behaviour of beginners. Following the results, the young driver benefits from a pedagogical support during 18 months - a period during which one can obtain a 20% rebate on the insurance premium.
AXA Italy: "AXA Protezione Autogiovani" features a service dedicated to young drivers (18-21 years) and their parents, in order to monitor the driving style of young insured drivers. The driving style is analyzed and rated every month and differentiated between daytime and night-time driving. A 100 euro discount is offered upon contract renewal if the driver collects enough "points" by avoiding accidents.
AXA Corporate Solutions (commercial risks) has developed a safe driving software (SCOPE 2) which it makes available to clients with car fleets. This tool, unique on the market, makes drivers more aware of the risks on the roads and better able to avoid them thanks to following 11 simple rules. More than 30,000 people have already taken this training course.
AXA France: A one-day driving course offered by AXA Prévention, an association created by AXA to fight against road accidents, is included in the offer "Kit 1ère Assurance Auto". Young drivers who successfully complete the course are given a reduction on their first year's premium.
AXA Winterthur Switzerland launched the non-profit Foundation for Prevention in 1973. It supports and promotes various prevention campaigns to reduce accidents and losses. Since 2008 the activities are mostly focused on road prevention, such as: Launch of the "Driver Assistance Systems" road prevention campaign; Mobile cycling circuits for children, with trained experts; Release of a children's book on "Road Prevention". AXA Winterthur is the only insurer in Switzerland that conducts its own accident research.
AXA Czech republic is the general partner of the Na zelenou (Green Light) grant programme, which is aimed at minimising traffic-related risks that children face on their way to school.
AXA Ireland: The AXA Roadsafe Roadshow, aimed at positively influencing students in Irish Secondary Schools, graphically depict the dangers associated with driving. The story is told by real people as a sequence of events unfolds.

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