European Road Safety Charter

AXA Belgium N.V.

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

AXA Belgium has a long history in creating awareness around road behaviour and in supporting road safety.
AXA Belgium commits for 2011-2013 in:
1. Raising efforts on supporting general road safety awareness creating campaigns. 
- AXA Belgium decided to sponsor a TV program on the public channel (RTBF) on road safety.
- Together with the volunteer network of the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (BIVV / IBSR) AXA Belgium will organize prevention sessions with a car crash simulator ("voiture tonneau") open to all AXA staff.
- End of 2011, AXA Belgium will publish an updated version of its road behaviour Barometer, an international survey on road safety. By communicating these results, AXA Belgium wants to contribute to public awareness on risks on the road.
- AXA Belgium will evenso communicate on the AXA crash tests, held in Switzerland.
- AXA staff driving a company car, will receive at least 1 road safety bulletin in 2011.
- AXA also considers organizing prevention courses on cautious driving to all staff.
2. Continuing fleet prevention initiatives for corporate clients
- As a major player in fleet insurance and insurance for accidents at work, AXA Belgium will continue efforts to decrease risks for its corporate clients. This includes over 200 company visits in 2011 to present tailor made risk prevention plans, including 2 companies having over 10.000 cars in their company fleet.
- The fleet prevention team will also send out 4 Fleet Flashes (on road safety) to all corporate clients. The safety engineering team (working on risk prevention for accidents at work) will send out 2 AXA Safety Flashes on travel between home and workplace to all corporate clients.

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