European Road Safety Charter

Autohaus Liske, Iva Liske

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Autohaus Liske is a small, family-run business. Our employees go on business related journeys in cars owned by the company as well as in customer vehicles. Taking vehicles into the country is often a part of their job and this also includes driving with a trailer. Because of this, we find it important to be able to contribute to road safety.
We have decided to make a commitment by joining the European Road Safety Charter, which obligates us to actively contribute to road safety. This in order for our 10 employees – and especially our trainees – to continue to feel safe and reliable on the road when they are abroad working for our company, as well as for our customers.
The aim we have set for ourselves is to have an accident rate of 0% during the period 2008-2011.
In order to accomplish this we will arrange for a one-day driving safety course twice a year and free of charge, and all our drivers will attend these courses.
If we notice that it is necessary to hold a refresher course apart from the scheduled courses we will also offer additional training, free of charge.
We will be working closely with the Liske Advanced Driver Training School.
Also, all our company vehicles will be equipped with stickers that point out the seatbelt requirement law.
By doing this, we hope not only to avoid accidents in our line of work, but also to set an example for the traffic safety in the region.