European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Over the coming years, we will be organising road safety training courses for university students and our customers and users who want to improve their driving skills. We will be organising about 10 courses a year with the aim of training a total of 500 people.
Courses will be given in universities in Zaragoza for a not for profit fee of €30 to cover premises hiring expenses and payment of professionals. These are university professors in the road safety sector, road safety teachers and professionals from the DGT (department of transport). There is also the possibility of grants (offered by the university). Specific material will be provided, including a road safety book for new drivers published by INTRAS, the ministry of home affairs and the DGT.
Courses will last 20 to 30 hours in total and will focus on efficient driving and preventative driving. They will also be accompanied by special material developed by our trainers.
Start: 01/04/2009 End: 01/04/2012 With the cooperation of: University of Zaragoza, the DGT and the Road Safety Department.