European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our association seeks to carry out the following non-profit activities over the next three years:
Provide road safety education for children, who represent the future, through courses (three per year) in primary and secondary schools, teaching them about the fundamentals of road safety and basic good traffic behaviour, using a simple approach and explaining the main road signals, going on excursions and walks to observe pedestrian crossings. We will seek to involve as many children as possible, although the maximum number of participants per course will be 25, given age and attention levels. Furthermore, we will teach new mothers the basics of child transport in cars, with a final questionnaire to confirm the effectiveness of our teaching.
Organise or participate in events (five to six per year) in roads, squares and parks involving all members of the public, focusing mainly on road safety education for children but also involving parents. We will prepare a road course with genuine signals (for children) so that they learn about road safety behaviour through play, and we will also involve parents. We will distribute material and theme-based gadgets to members of the public. In the future, we will also devote space to issues such as the use of helmets and the effects of drinking and driving. We plan to raise awareness among approximately 2,000 people per year.
Organise courses for young people in parishes, with the support of Catholic associations, teaching them about the importance of using helmets, seatbelts and respecting the Highway Code (two courses per year, for approximately 300 young people).
We will seek to involve the following bodies in our events: traffic police, municipal police, national police, fire and rescue services, medical services, and civil defence and volunteer associations.