European Road Safety Charter

Association Victimes et Citoyens

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

In addition to its usual activities of support to road accident victims and their families, the Association Victimes et Citoyens will carry out the following activities over the next three years:
1.       Prevention activities for young people
- The association will carry out a number of awareness actions relating to road risk among young people through messages and activities that meet their particular requirements. Special sessions will be organised at schools throughout France, providing an opportunity for exchange and debate on risk behaviour and the related consequences. Approximately 100 actions will be organised per year.
- The association will set up, together with various representatives of the legal profession, actions that seek to raise youth awareness about the legal consequences of risk behaviour on the road. These actions will include reconstructions of criminal trials, and will also be aimed at the general public.
One action will be organised per year.
2.       Road risk prevention at work:
As road accidents are the main cause of death during working hours, the association will establish partnerships with companies and institutions. The association will offer companies free activities that target their specific problems. These actions may take the form of workshops, the publication of brochures or the production of prevention kits. They will also provide an opportunity to establish a chain of prevention, as the association will raise awareness among the company sales forces, which will convey the prevention message to their clients.
We will provide information about these initiatives and carry out actions in accordance with demand.
3.       Road risk prevention among vulnerable users:
The association is aware that certain user categories are more vulnerable than others, and wishes to carry out actions that target such categories: elderly people, users of two-wheeled vehicles, and children. In this context, the association will make contact with partners such as parent associations and family associations to raise awareness among children, and medical and paramedical professionals to raise awareness among elderly people. Action plans will be defined and implemented. One programme will be organised per year.
Number of people targeted by our action plan: 50,000
Number of tools produced and/or distributed (brochures, etc.): 500,000

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