European Road Safety Charter

Association Générale de Prévoyance Militaire

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Over the next three years, the AGPM undertakes to develop road risk awareness actions for its members and French military personnel, national police force employees and company employees.
The AGPM will organise awareness days (free of charge) for military personnel and national police academies, based on various workshops: information sessions on different road safety topics, a workshop on loss of vehicle grip, a motorbike module, etc. We plan to organise some 80 awareness days per year, involving 5,000 participants.
We will produce educational and multimedia products, including a complete road safety awareness presentation, to be used during the awareness days.
We will provide members with prevention tools such as visibility vests (approximately 10,000 for 2009).
We will continue to finance the road safety certificate for students at the Autun military academy and the Grenoble school for the orphaned children of air force servicemen.
We will set up road risk awareness campaigns for our employees (permanent poster campaign, intranet articles, free light and tyre checks).
An activity report will be produced each year on the achievement of our objectives.