European Road Safety Charter

a.s.d. Nove&quindici

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Over the next few years, Nove&quindici will promote actions in the field of road safety awareness, linking social skills (an ethical sense of respect for life) with knowledge (awareness of vehicle characteristics) and savoir-faire (the application of specific driving techniques). Our mission is to prevent accidents rather than limit the consequences once an accident has occurred. We will work with public and private bodies, associations and companies with similar objectives to our own in a spirit of unity in order to safeguard human lives.
Our actions:
Raising awareness through free meetings in the premises and with the support of the diocese. The following issues will be dealt with: an ethical approach to safety, acquiring good driving habits, and driving practice in real-life traffic conditions on the road, accompanied by instructors. These meetings will target young people from the parishes, preferably those who have held a driving licence for less than a year. There will be a total of 20 participants at each meeting.
Presence at stands or fairs, so as to distribute, for subsequent discussion, research and studies carried out on health psychology and the prevention of risk behaviours, press cuttings on accident rates among two-wheeled vehicles, rational observations on new data and trends relating to accident rates, and evaluation questionnaires on driving ability.
Dissemination via our website (about 1,800 visits a month) of information material on research and studies into road safety carried out by our study centre, and material that has been collected and summarised (magazines, articles, etc.).
Practical and theoretical safe driving meetings and demonstrations. We will participate in a number of meetings, providing our advice and experience free of charge, with practical driving tests given by one of our instructors.
Dissemination of books and brochures (published by other associations) that deal with the emotional side of road safety. A number of copies will be distributed free of charge during meetings.