European Road Safety Charter

A.S.D. Guidare Sicuro

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The objective of Guidare Sicuro is to teach people to understand and respect vehicles, and to drive them as well as they possibly can. In practice, this means being able to ensure safety by optimum vehicle handling, even in emergency situations, and being able to react appropriately and avoid any surprises. Basically, the objective is to learn to be in control of one's vehicle, in order to reduce the unfortunate number of accidents currently occurring, and promote a road safety culture as soon as possible.
In order to do so, over the next three years, we will hold 16 safe driving courses per school year on a non-profit basis for futur moped licence-holders.The courses will take place in squares closed off to traffic, made available by interested municipalities.For the 2008-2009 school year, the aim is to involve approximately 900 sixth-form students (14-16 years old), among those who will have already registered to take the moped test.Furthermore, we plan to extend the course for the new driver licence-holders.
The course will be free for participants and the Guidare Sicuro A.S.D. (non-profit amateur sports association) will request reimbursement of expenses for teachers, vehicles used, fuel and educational material only.

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