European Road Safety Charter

ASAIS - Association of Research and Analysis of Road Incidents

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Training/research/dissemination activities will be undertaken over the next three years on a non-profit basis through courses, seminars and technical meetings, seeking to raise awareness about the risks for road users, training road safety professionals. In particular, every year, we will hold:
Two courses on the methodology and/or in-depth examination of the calculations for road accident reconstruction. These will take place at a number of Italian universities over two weekdays for approximately 60 hours of lectures.
Three seminars on “accelerometer” tests relating to traffic flow entry, brake tests at low and high speeds, and applied psychology interval surveys in various driving conditions.
One national meeting on protection infrastructures, driving monitoring, signs and traffic safety.
The seminars and meetings will be one-day events and will be given by university lecturers and/or road accident reconstruction experts with years of experience, in a variety of areas (northern, central and southern Italy).The participants in the courses, seminars and meetings will be given certificates and credits.Material relating to the courses, seminars and meetings will be published on the website.A total of 350-500 professionals will be involved per year, appointed by the Crown Prosecution Service and/or the civil courts, as well as members of regional road safety bodies.