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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Arval is committed to offering double Safety + Eco driving training course in all countries, both to its own personnel and as a service to its customers. In the UK our commitment to the safety of our own drivers, our customers and all other road users led to us winning a Prince Michael International Road Safety award and the Company Driver Safety award at the 2009 Brake (the road safety charity) awards.
This objective is now progressing in the most mature countries and is being rolled out in the smaller ones. We have a Corporate Vehicle Observatory (CVO), an analysis benchmarking tool which will be used as didactic channel to organise forums and release booklets on
- the responsibility of the fleet manager (Germany)
- training employees to responsible driving (Belgium)
- the safety equipments of vehicles (France)
- business mobility plans (France)
The CVO is a strong advocate for Electronic Stability Control (ESC) equipment in all vehicles, including in the light industrial vehicles where ESC is sometimes unavailable even as option.
The CVO Fleet Barometer is published each spring. In 2009 it will cover 12 countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, India, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and UK. Over 4,000 fleet decisions makers in all kind of businesses were interviewed in these countries.
The CVO is an Arval sponsored expert platform open to all fleet professionals.
Various seminars are also offered to fleets managers on their individual legal responsibilities in case of accident related to ill equipped vehicles or labour pressure.
Number of people targeted by action: 7000
Number of materials produced 22 countries concerned, leaflets, press, and mail.
All communication tools are used to encourage road safety.

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