European Road Safety Charter

Arval Deutschland GmbH

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Arval Deutschland GmbH commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the coming three years with the following actions:
1) We will analyze statistics and figures originating from damages and use them to implement measures for safer driving.
2) We will offer free of charge consulting on safe driver training and eco driving training to our customers. These training sessions will be tailored according to the customer’s needs. Information about these training sessions will be available on
3) We will equip all our vehicles with rescue cards. A rescue card will assist in a faster response towards emergency situations. We will also provide a free of charge rescue assistance service in the case of an accident. We aim to have equipped our entire fleet of vehicles with Rescue card by 2014
4) In our newsletter that is currently being sent to over 2000 people we will include an informative section on basic road safety topics. The newsletter is sent to our contacts on a frequent basis.