European Road Safety Charter


What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

1. We organise an art contest on the topic of road safety.  This contest will be held again this year and over the coming years with the support of the DSCR (Department of Traffic and Road Safety).This action focuses primarily on the younger members of the public and students and, during the different phases of the contest, we will reach tens of thousands of young people: 500 candidates created works of art in 2008, 5,000 website visitors voted on the short-listed works of art and, finally, it is estimated that 100,000 young people were reached through our and our partners' dissemination of the exhibition.  Indeed, we will be providing the exhibition free of charge to all those bodies (associations, institutions, private entities, etc.) that wish to use the work in the framework of their non-profit awareness actions.
2. We have noted that numerous young people need independence in order to act.  When they are not in specific instituted structures, they prefer to develop their own projects, and they should be encouraged in their endeavours.  In order to enable them to make progress, we have used networking to come up with flexible and dynamic methods that meet this objective.
Over the coming years, we will continue to assist student road safety associations and thus strengthen their capacity to act by:-    Carrying out an inventory and registering them in the network.-    Registering new project shareholders in the network dynamic (inter-association meetings, joint campaigns) and the exchange culture.
Tools:-    The guide entitled "Act for road safety" is available online on our website and contains some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions.-    In 2009, we will be implementing a new website formula, offering an interface that is better adapted to the multiple online resources.  Four sections will feature more clearly the wide range of documentary resources, particularly a toolbox, which will contain all of the practical tools developed or even located by the network on road safety.
Objective:In 2009, we hope to see 500 student projects accompanied throughout the year by our local volunteer association counterparts.