European Road Safety Charter

Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd commitment to the European Road Safety Charter will focus on the following:
 1. We will organise road safety briefings for staff that drive company cars including bi-annual MOT checks (ministry of Transport’s annual test of automobile safety), tire checks and optometry tests and arrange general road safety training for all staff by a certified instructor, (in association with the Ministry of Communications and Works) with the option for customers to take part or watch them for free if they wish. Once a year for all staff - approx. 750 people
2. We will produce Informational flyers to customers to be sent out with their monthly statements with road safety tips and suggestions (once again in association with the Ministry) explaining the Bank's association with the charter, its commitment to road safety and the measures taken to inform and train the staff. Approx. 30,000
 3. We will produce and distribute promotional gifts related to car use (i.e. road tax window stickers, key rings, safety gauges etc), to be given away to customers when they take out car loans to serve a daily reminder to road safety. Around 5,000
We will update our website and intranet with the Charters' and Alpha Bank's code of ethics as well as a permanent text on our Corporate Social Responsibility pages.

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