European Road Safety Charter

AGIRabcd, General Association of retired volunteers

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Over the next three years, we will offer sound training by the AGIRabcd volunteers for the following groups:
Young people in difficult situations, to help them pass the driving test.Training sessions will be adapted according to the county. They will focus on the Highway Code and preparation to pass the driving test, which is vital when it comes to the social and professional insertion of these young people.Depending on their profile, the sessions will sometimes include specific modules, for example:
For all: Driving and Health, focusing particularly on the risks linked to alcohol and drugs, with the assistance of our own doctors.
For young people in extremely difficult situations and/or immigrants, a module entitled Reading and Understanding the Code, seeking to ensure linguistic comprehension of the Highway Code.
Depending on resources, accompanied driving sessions will be available.

For pensioners wanting refresher courses on safe and civic driving, to bring them up to date with additions to the Highway Code and problems linked to health issues. This training will include two to four two- to three-hour sessions.
Objective 2009-2011: 1,000 young people and 5,000 pensioners. Partners: insurance companies/pension fund companies/Ministry of Justice/Ministry of Transport.