European Road Safety Charter

A.D.T.C. Driver Development

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

A.D.T.C. Driver Development believes that Road Safety Training is an ongoing process requiring the commitment of the driver, training establishments, road safety organisations, law enforcement agencies and the Government (local & central), as well as its agencies, and as a result will engage in negotiations with all of them to bring about the necessary changes.
1- At present Driver-Awareness training tends to be offered following a driving offense.
A.D.T.C. will commit to being pro-active in raising awareness amongst all Road-Users groups by holding workshops/presentations which are open to the public.
We will attend workshops organised by Brake (Road Safety Academy Program) which focuses on company drivers and their '2 young 2 die campaign' which is aimed at the younger road user. To disseminate this knowledge we will offer workshops/presentations locally, these will be given on a "not for profit" basis and donations made to Brake and other road safety charities. It is anticipated that we will give up to 8 presentations per year. The number of participants will vary depending on location/situation etc but we anticipate a minimum of 10 people per course.
2- A.D.T.C. will also be sponsoring a road safety stall at the annual Rottingdean & Saltdean Lions Fayre. The stall will not only show A.D.T.C.'s commitment to road safety but also will have representatives of the Brighton & Central Sussex Institute of Advanced Motorist Group, of which we are Committee Member and Observer, and representatives of the Brighton & Hove council Road Safety Team.