European Road Safety Charter


What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

AC-promotion will join forces with the signatories of the European Charter on Road Safety to undertake during the next three years, the following actions:   - Increase awareness of road safety of its staff.   - Communication in exhibitions and when selling vehicles by distributing  leaflets offering advice on road traffic and roads conditions in general, produced in cooperation with ONCFS (National Office for Hunting and Wildlife ) and the FFQ (Association French Federation of Quad).   - Systematic training on road safety standards to all vehicle buyers.   - Spreading the message of courtesy on the road through our Website by online visuals,   - Distribution of behavioral guides on road Courtesy to the general public   - Distribution of the Guide to Safety Buissonnière of the French Federation of Quad, intended for the general public,   - Development of the concept of "the street, road, paths, shared spaces, " whose goal is to establish a discipline of conduct on our roads.

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