European Road Safety Charter

Abertis Global Road Safety Programme- Road maintenance and operations

Abertis is working towards a vision of road safety based on the values of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, focused on five pillars: safe infrastructures, road safety management, safer vehicles, safer user behaviour and improved post-crash response.

We are committed to applying the best practices in planning, design, building, maintenance and operations

-Standardisation of actions and training in all the Abertis Group networks, expanding best practices in the subject.

-Drafting of the White Papers on Safety Strategy in Tunnels, the Quality Management System and Crisis Management.

-Continuous investment to ensure the constant renewal and improvement of the infrastructures, with the latest advances in safety and traffic management systems (control centres/tunnel/traffic management systems). The Group's investment in road safety in 2017 was around 50 Mn euros yearly.

-Global collaboration in iRAP Foundation's International Road Assessment programme to independently monitor the quality of the safety of our toll roads.

-Global agreement with the mobile application Waze to share information for better traffic management and improve road safety on our roads.

-Support for employee training in road safety through drills, courses for employees and awareness-raising campaigns among toll road users.