European Road Safety Charter

1st National Road Safety Olympic Games "Be safe on the road with I&G Brokers"

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National Road Safety Olympic Games "Be safe on the road with I&G Brokers" is an pioneered initiative of the Road Safety Institute, jointly organized with I&G Brokers, supported by 4 municipalities- Sofia, Stara Zagora, Pleven and Rousse and Ministry of Education. It happened between 1st of |December 2018 and 30th of April 2019. In its first edition, 4600 students from 64 schools from 3rd and 7th grade participated. The general notion of the Olympic games is to evaluate real knowledge of the students in the road safety area and recommend more school hours of Road Safety, implementing new methods in training.

Olympic games has been carried out in 2 phases. 3rd graders had a test in writing and 7th graders used an online system, specially created for the initiative. Everybody of them had 15 minutes to work on 12 questions, each one of them giving between 1-5 points. Students shown great knowledge and the Institute provided the best 50 in each category and city with presents- vouchers for road safety carting training and many other gifts.

Closing of the ceremony was honored by 500 students in Sofia, many officials like mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova, Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev, regional education governor Vanya Kastreva and many others. Institute's partners of "Veloevolution" NGO gave a special training game how to manage a safe biking in the big city. Bulgarian Federation of Automobile sports show real simulators of car crashes, giving the kids best and worst scenarios how to behave on the road.