European Road Safety Charter

0 victims by 2050 in Malopolska

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The Małopolska Provincial Road Safety Council (MWRBRD) initiates and undertakes a number of activities to make Polish, and in particular, Małopolska roads safer. The programs are aimed at all road users. The activities carried out by MWBRD are long-term and systemic in nature; are implemented in close consultation with entities for which safety on Polish roads is a priority. The Council is a vivid example of cooperation in the region of official and non governmental organizations. The Council is formed by almost 30 organization members.

Road safety education at all levels
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In 2020 Malopolska resulted to be the safest region in Poland. According to official summaries, in 2020 500 people less died on Polish roads than a year before. Statistics show the best improvement of road safety in Malopolska. The number of crashes decreased 28 percent, the number of injured 31 percent, and the number of fatalities is lower by 20 than a year before.
Implemented actions by the Council - results:
- Illumination of 322 pedestrian crossings in Malopolska
- Reduction of speed limits before all pedestrian crossings in the region on regional and national roads to max. 50 km/h.
- Prevention and educational campaigns aimed at pedestrians: 6 main long-term prevention programs, connected between them
- Post-crash response:
• Establishment of national celebrations of World Day of Remembrance in Zabawa near Tarnów/ Malopolska, in cooperation with European Federation of Road Victims FEVR
• Enforcement of post-crash response provided by association Przejście to victims and families of victims from all over Poland – psychological help and workshops
• Establishment of a project for professional system post-crash response National Center for Trauma Recovery for victims and families in Zabawa, Malopolska, in cooperation with Motor Transport Insitute, Poland