European Road Safety Charter
A Carta na Europa


Vimal Patel

Working over 20 years in the field of road safety and having undertaken a significant number of road safety audits/engineering work would support a reduction in road accidents.

John Brown

Road Safety begins with the Education of the Driver and the building of their awareness and concern for others. If we can make it part of the Driver from the beginning it will remain with them. If they are too controlled in their learning they will reject what they have been taught as irrelevant as soon as they pass the test and get that authorisation to drive. If we have moulded them to be part of the safe driving community from the beginning- they will remain driving safely.

Kathy Frey

I realized there was a lack of information and a lot of misinformation regarding substances (alcohol, medication, other drugs) and driving; as well as lack of knowledge with regard to substances and safe work place practices. So I started my own company to educate the public as well as business communities on how we can all contribute to road safety and workplace safety. At the same time, saving everyone tens of thousands of dollars in costs, liability, insurance and sometimes bankruptcy. I will also be implementing a program for alcohol/drug policy violations in the workplace. My goal is to reach across Canada and consequently reduce the negative impact that substances have on our roads and in the workplace.

Lance Fogg

I would like to think that my work over the past 40 years in UK, India, Indonesia, Qatar, Suriname, Sri Lanka and now in Saudi Arabia have resulted in some modest reductions in fatalities and casualties by reducing the risk of crashes occurring by applying the results of analysing crash data to the formulation, design and construction of local safety schemes. In addition by undertaking over 1000 road safety audits and assuming that my recommendations have been adopted I suppose I can claim to have saved over 1000 further crashes. Responsible for introducing the mini-roundabout to NW England back in the 1970s, I can claim a certain notoriety but also have quite likely saved a few lives by the reduction in speed obtained by these traffic management devices.

Greg Speier

Our company has been gradually switching to E-Logs and this is forcing the drivers to learn how to manage their time more efficiently. This is also causing them to pay more attention to their driving, because they know that we here at the terminal can see how they are driving. I feel it is making them more aware of things that could go wrong and therefore making them a better driver.