European Road Safety Charter
La Charte dans toute l'Europe


Richard Horton

Our organisation is actively committed to road safety and has implemented a number of initiatives across the business to improve safety for our colleagues and the general public. A great example of this is the use of telematics data from our onboard vehicle tracking system to report back vehicle speed and driver behaviour. Combined with a Group-wide policy and campaign reinforcing the law on UK road speed limits we have been able to effectively manage road safety across our organisation.

David Wallace

In an effort to raise awareness and increase the discussion on road safety, I created a road safety audio podcast called "Highway to Safety." In this podcast I interview those who are making a difference on the global roads every day, whether they are policy makers or researchers, or the actual doers. The topics are diverse, such as distracted driving, impaired driving, safety belts, and child safety seats, but they all deal with human behavior and ways we can all improve. It is a fun project for me and it allows me to spark a road safety discussion on a global basis since it can be downloaded from the web as well as iTunes and other podcast distributors.

Ahmed Roffa

During the construction and execution of some roads project in Libya, I give some Ideas and information to improve the roads quality and safety through materials, climate, and horological data in some valleys which in turn directly reflected to traffic safety. Now I am preparing to establish a non-government society with a main vision: to improve the road safety in Libya.

Eugene Herbert

We provide corporate driver training in South Africa which has a direct impact on both the social sphere as well as the educating of general road users. This year we revised our mass communication and provide a "free newsletter" on road safety subjects to any and all interested persons. Currently it has a weekly circulation of 25000 and it is intended to increase to 35000. This provides a positive and empowering perspective to drivers who wish to make a difference - we have 15000 to 25000 fatalities each year - even if this is only one person at a time. Wishing you all worldwide a successful and road safe year!

Jaime Campos Canessa

The Ministry of Public Works in Santiago de Chile has established a comprehensive treatment for road safety in schools located on rural roads.We thought to increase compliance of maximum speed regulations (50 km/h in school zones and 30 km/h at times of students' entry or exit), also to avoid overtaking in the area, providing pedestrian crossing facilities for students, teachers and parents, and to facilitate access to public transportation. Other measures have included lane narrowing, speed bumps and center islands.