European Road Safety Charter
La Charte dans toute l'Europe


Alison Jones

I am fortunate to have experience of traditional accident investigation and prevention, road safety audit, highway safety engineering, safety cameras, road safety education / encouragement, together with strategy development and partnership working. Although I now specialise in Highways Asset Management, I am proud to have been a founder member of the CRASH (Celtic Roads Authorities for Safer Highways) Group that embraces the skills and expertise from national roads authorities in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and England.

Philip E P Woods II

I am a Passionate Motorcyclist, seem lots of young people killed as a result of been self taught on motorcycle operations lead me to make a U Turn in my career, a native of Liberia, West Africa, currently in the USA to learn safe vehicle and motorcycle operations to transfer knowledge to Liberia as my contribution to the rebuilding process of post war Liberia. I saw at least two deaths and over 10 fatal injuries monthly while driving around Liberia as a construction Contractor, our passion lead us to establish to make our contribution actual.

Craig Waters

I researched and developed over 7 years a driver training system that is delivered using a coaching methodology and the rse-novice driver curriculum as the syllabus which is then delivered in the learners learning style and at their pace. This is showing significant reductions in road crashes with migrants, youth, risk takers, aged. Post crash Rehabilitation and fleet drivers. I have 12 road safety educators delivering this currently and working to place this as an education model across the Australian school system . Delivered monthly for 2 years covering the current learner period. With elearning for supervising and novice drivers

Stefan Egger

At the International Institute for Information Design, we participated in 2 EU funded research projects (IN-SAFETY and Safeway2school), where we established new criteria for the visual information (messages) to be used in road traffic. As one of fthe result of IN-SAFETY, a road-traffic ttypeface ("Tern") was developed, which substituted (by law) the previously mandatory font in October 2013. In Safeway2school, we developed an optimised sign/symbol for signalling the presence of children on the road.

Richard Owens

I've written articles about our pedestrian safety solutions and showcased installations (around the world) to the world. Road safety and pedestrian safety work hand in hand!