European Road Safety Charter
Хартата из цяла Европа


Cameron Wearing

We are trainers for large organisations, and we are required to be resourceful to achieve better safety levels for their fleets. The best approach with the highest levels of success is to focus on the driver and the culture within the organization. 'You aren't as good as you think'. We help them to understand why this is the case. Changing attitude through knowing better as opposed to waving a finger at them.

Dott. Iano Santoro

We need to work constantly to engage and strengthen the culture of road safety, improve understanding of the causes of accidents and contribute to the creation of preventive measures and real solutions. The European Charter certainly represents the "quality stamp" of our actions.

Julio Tamés

La responsabilidad social de un grupo de personas se mide por su capacidad para aumentar el nivel de bienestar colectivo, a la vez que reduce al máximo los impactos negativos que la interrelación ocasiona. En este sentido, la seguridad vial debe estar en los primeros puntos de mira de una sociedad avanzada, y para ello, todos los esfuerzos a favor de una relación armoniosa son pocos.La Carta Europea de Seguridad Vial es una herramienta eficaz de difusión y creación de sinergias, y nos ayuda a trabajar desde una operativa de redes locales, nacionales e internacionales, que enriquece a la sociedad en general y a cada uno de los que participamos de ello.

Florentina Alina Burlacu

Road safety is my passion. During the last years I have been trying to raise awareness about its importance through numerous actions, such as publishing various papers on this topic in national and international conferences, gathering my students for road safety actions, promoting a road safety webpage with the newest politics in this field, but also starting a phd research on the influence of road characteristics on road safety. My actions have one purpose: safer roads with less fatalities!

Raimundo García Cuesta

Road Safety is the wealthy state in free and autonomous use of our streets and roads.