European Road Safety Charter
Хартата из цяла Европа


Karen Araqelyan

We need to study the existing situation, all the disadvantages and advantages of the record. consider the likelihood of the drivers driving rules, study the causes of accidents in the sector, hours, intensity, quantity, and type of cars damaged areas. Analyzing all of this I am sure that we will find the right road safety solution.

David Robinson

The process of road safety auditing challenges designers to consider what they are creating and how it will affect the every day user - after almost twenty years in applying this process myself, plus the input from all our colleagues doing the same task, have and will continue to make a contribution to improving road safety.

John R Colton

It is time for alcohol to be eliminated as a factor in an accident. We have been able to expand the use of Alcohol Interlocks in commercial vehicles globally. In France and Finland they are required on all school transportation vehicles. I would like to see this expanded globally. We have more coach and truck fleets installing these units as a proactive road safety device. Basically separating the alcohol from the driver of that vehicle. In Sweden over 100,000 commercial vehicles are equipped with alcohol interlocks. They even have it on the trains. All for the safety of the driver and passenger. We can now integrate with fleet management systems to pass the test data across instantly.

Sukarm Marwah

In India, we have mixed traffic, slow & fast on National Highways. To improve safety, Govt. is working out to put slow traffic 7 locla traffic , such as auto rickshaw, scooters on service road abutting National Highways. Accidents will reduce to cut speed differential.

Morsli oumrani

As Road memory founder, since 2006 interrested to data collection and analysis of road crashes and fatalities as well as local strategy deployment ICT use and social networks are of main goal for road safety awarness.