European Road Safety Charter
Хартата из цяла Европа


Mersch Jeannot

Beside children we often consider also older road users and those with a handicap as the most vulnerable as they cannot deal with many complicated trafffic situations.

Michael Njonge

With the changing infrastructure in Nairobi, the traditional rules of engagement taught to us as children when encountering vehicular traffic are becoming less and less applicable. Those who teach Road Safety to children have to constantly monitor what is happening around and keep the material relevant.

Craig Waters

All contributing bodies must work together on so the message and it's actions are in step with the transition through life as we age.Each step should link to the next and become seamless for all age groups and the internal learning styles of each age. The message must be delivered to each learning style as well as each age group which will enhance the effectiveness. Let's all work together on this as we do on so many other critical issues. Road safety educators, Australia are actively involved in Vision zero outcomes.

Jo Robinson

We look at crash statistics very carefully before deciding our skills programme. We live in an area of very low rainfall and in the past year only two crashes of all crashes in the district have been caused by rain. Both of these have been vehicles that have hit rocks that have fallen after heavy rain. Most of our crashes are in our summer months of Feb (18%) and March (17 %). With our young drivers, 35% of crashes are attributed to driving skills and the majority of these are drivers who loose control of their vehicle when they get distracted and their wheels get into the gravel shoulders of the road. Many of these crashes would not be serious injury crashes if teh young drivers were in a 5 star safety rated vehicle that had ABS brakes, electronic stability and good airbags. If we teach them the value of the safe vehicle and get them to practice their driving skills in a safe environment we are teaching them a skill they can apply for the rest of their lives.

John Asson

A car club north of Brisbane Queensland Australia runs skid pan days where you can take your own vehicle and drive/drift in controlled wet conditions.A lot of people have no idea what to do when they lose command of their vehicle and these sorts of events should be raised for inclusion in all driver training.