European Road Safety Charter

Georg – Davor Lisicin

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secretary of the association

„Association Safety in Traffic is founded in 2009. as unique non-profit national organization that works on the Croatian territory, with influence on neighboring countries and we are engaged in monitoring, studying and improving traffic safety, raising the level of traffic culture and public awareness and personalization of traffic safety problem with the scope and consequences on traffic accidents. In our work and activities we are trying to reduce the number of traffic accidents, fatalities and severity of injuries, what is shown trough measurable indicators of our workshops for motorcyclists, and cyclists, but also there is work with responsible young drivers and we are organising the World Day of Rememberance in Croatia, scientific round tables and expert conferences to improve infrastructure and safety protocols at the national level. The founders and members of the Association are known public figures, renowned experts from the fields of transport, engineering, medicine, insurance, science and economy. Unfortunally we were right regarding the focus of our activities, today we have confirmation in-depth statistic analysis, that we had chosen right participants to fight for.The most vunerable participants (motorcyclists and cyclists) are now in the focus of the traffic safety community, in particural with the partners on ERSChater platform, and in all the EU countries , worldwide also. That confirms to us that we had set goals right and gives us even more incentives and a will to work even more harder, until we fulfill „Vision 0“.