European Road Safety Charter

Albert Vilatarsana Silvestre

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Director of public security of the municipality and Police Chief of Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona)

As director of public security of Sant Boi de Llobregat, especially I appreciate small as creative initiatives which, together, become great strides to improve road safety. So I want to share with you our concept of "postural response to the impact." In the past 4 years, 16% of our population under 16 years old, had been accumulating 9% of road harmfulness. That seemed to us exaggerated within a conglomerate that includes two segments, such as children and preteens, less autonomous mobility and more adult supervision than others. Speaking with tutors and parents, we realized that many injuries occurred in the context of minor accidents, on foot, by bicycle or scooter due to erroneous impact bodily responses. So we decided to train children to learn how to accommodate the body, preparing it for trauma and fall with less risk of injury, conferiendo greater protection by preventing the joints and bone fractures. Traditional driver education has always acted on the person, teaching individuals to avoid risk or spreading among the population useful and necessary knowledge. This initiative does not respond to that model of cognitive education. This is "tactical" education, a new approach rather than "teaching" trains. And that instead of referring to "risk" confronts us already declared and imminent dangers. Thus we describe our Postural Response to Impact (RPI).