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Short Report: European Road safety Charter workshop in Denmark

Fri, 09/06/2019 - 10:00 to 13:00

The European Road Safety Charter workshop took place on 6 September 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the European Environment Agency.
The workshop gathered national and local authorities’ representatives, public and private stakeholders and the civil society. The presentation addressed the road safety situation in the country, as well as examples of best practice in improving the safety of road users, in particular cyclists’ safety.
The workshop was opened by the welcome speech of Kristian Pihl Lorentzen - Member of Parliament in the Parliament of Denmark.
Matthew Baldwin- Deputy Director-General DG MOVE and European Coordinator for Road Safety presented the road safety situation at the EU level from the European Commission’s perspective.
On behalf of the European Road Safety Charter, Antonio Avenoso, presented the ongoing phase of the Charter. He explained what is the Charter, who are its members, what are the milestones for the current phase, as well as why and how can one join and what can one do for road safety in its own community.
Jesper Sølund - former Head of Documentation in the Danish Road Safety Council presented the status of Danish road safety, focusing on lessons to be learned for the future and the future challenges to improve road safety.
As cycling is an essential part of Danish modes of transport, safe cycling is also a priority in the country. Klaus Bondam - CEO of Danish Cyclists’ Federation talked about ways of making cycling safe with best practice examples.
An award winning good practice from Denmark, winner of the ERSC Awards in 2016, was presented by Mette Heering Pontoppidan- Director of Marketing and Communications at Codan Forsikring. The 'National Reflector Day' is now a yearly tradition in Denmark.
Camilla Sloth Andersen - Civil Engineer at Aalborg Municipality addressed road safety good practice from a local authority perspective, presenting Aalborg’s new mobility plan – Mobilitet 2040 and its traffic safety policy.
The presentations were followed by an animated discussion on the future challenges for road safety.