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SafetyPen, world's best emergency hammer

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Tue, 02/03/2015 - 00:00
3S Safety Solution Services BV

The techniques and innovations for the purpose of optimising the comfort of road users are continuously improving, yet at the same time, they can conflict with the safety of drivers. Car windows are continuously thickened to increase driving comfort, i.e., to block out traffic noise. However, this also makes it more difficult to break a car window in case of an emergency. SafetyPen™ was born with this concept in mind; after all, people must be able to rescue themselves in the easiest and safest way with guaranteed success! SafetyPen™ can be easily mounted by means of 3M™ double-sided tape or with 2 screws for permanent attachment. For mounting the SafetyPen™ choose an easy-to-reach and central place in your vehicle. In addition to comfort and safety, design also plays an increasingly important role in the configuration of vehicles. The neutral black colour of SafetyPen™ and the compact black holder ensure that this life-saving safety device does not attract attention, while it is in easy reach at all times. SafetyPen™ has been developed for the purpose of allowing safe exit from a vehicle that is in a perilous situation. Certain situations on land or in water can cause severe problems, such as seatbelts that get stuck, electrical windows that won’t open and doors that are blocked. In such situations, SafetyPen™ is a lifesaver. 1. Cutting the seatbelt. In case that the seatbelt is stuck and cannot be released, it can be easily cut with the razor- sharp knife of SafetyPen™ 2. Shattering the car window. If the car door will not open, for example because it is blocked or due to dislocation of the door, passengers can smash the window with a single hand movement. The point of SafetyPen™ is so hard that this alone suffices for shattering most car windows. 3. After you have safely exited the vehicle, you can use the tension spring mechanism to smash to car window from outside the car inwards in order to rescue children/passengers in the backseat.
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