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Roundtable "Future Transport - clean energy on fair price"

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Tue, 04/12/2022 - 09:15 to 14:15
Sofia Hotel Balkan
Mr. Peter Vitanov, MEP from S&D

Roundtable "Future Transport - clean energy on fair price" united policymakers, government officials, MEPs, autoproducers and NGOs in discussion about тхе entry of electromobiles on the Bulgarian market and use. About 4 000 electromobiles are already in use and represented parties agreed that at least 30 000 should be obtained by 2025. Presentations were given by Mr. Borislav Sandov, minister of Environment and waters, deputy minister of Transport Mr. Bojidar Kostadinov, a speech was read by Mrs. Adina Valean, European commissioner on Transport.

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