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ROUND TABLE "Traffic at a standstill - traffic calming"

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Thu, 04/17/2014 - 00:00
Palmotićeva 57 a
Udruga Sigurnost u promeetu

Parking policies are big issue at this moment in city of Zagreb due to announced changes by the city mayor. this round table is tackling this issue and safety of traffic in the zone of parking as well. Second issue is calming of traffic and advantages and disadvantages of traffic bumps on roads.


CONCLUSIONS : The former approach to solving the traffic in the city of Zagreb, and in particular stationary traffic, is characterized by inconsistent implementation of existing planning and programming documents ( Master Plan and Traffic Plan ) which led to the implementation of the decision is contrary to their basic objectives and insufficient quality and efficient meeting the transport needs of citizens.To indicates the absence of the concept of long-term development of the city , traffic and traffic at a standstill should be based on the concept of sustainable mobility and improving the quality of life . There is a need of review the existing transport policy and approach to solving the stationary traffic of Zagreb amendments to existing regional, urban and transport plans, and establish a long-term strategy for the development of the transport system ( 2020th / 2050th ) , which must be an integral part of the traffic at a standstill . basic criterion in making the strategy should be to raise the quality of life while enabling sustainable mobility . The preparation and adoption of plans and strategies are necessary to consult the best European practice and collaborate with academic institutions , civic and professional organizations , and directly to citizens . Until the adoption of the fourth amendment planning and programming documents and strategies necessary to consistently respect the existing planning and programming documents . There is a lack of a systematic approach to calming traffic in parts of the transport network and public spaces in the City . Calming traffic , with the aim of respecting the maximum permissible speed of motor vehicles is carried out almost exclusively by installing equipment for traffic calming , mainly bumps ( " lying policemen " ) . There is no single methodological approach to determining the place of installation of equipment for traffic calming or danger zone . Set of traffic bumps in most cases is done contrary to the provisions of the Ordinance on traffic signs , signals and equipment on the roads resulting inconveniences of driving , vehicle suspension damage when respect speed limits and the results justified dissatisfaction drivers . there is a lack of a systematic principle of holistic transport policy and the harmonization of urban and suburban passenger transportation system of parking, and the harmonization of policies of building cities.