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HAK - Expert panel "Safety and Mobility"

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Tue, 09/21/2021 - 13:15
Hrvatski autoklub HQ

In the frame of European Mobility Week 2021 Hrvatski autoklub traditionally organized an expert panel, on 21 September. It was an online expert panel on the subject „Safety and Mobility“ where experts from Europe and Croatia presented models and aspects of road safety and mobility.

The participants of this panel hosted by HAK were from the Charter Team, the Croatian Police Directorate, the Faculty of Traffic Engineering and the Secondary Technical School from Slavonski Brod.

Vincent Leroy from the Charter Team presented about the goals, actions and initiatives of the Charter as the largest civil society platform on road safety. He invited Croatian institutions and organizations engaged in road safety to join the Charter.

Following was the presentation on the HAK role as Charter National Relay. The panel participant from the Croatian Police Directorate informed about the foreseen amendments to the Croatian Law on road traffic safety, whilst others presented about the latest developments of their activities and projects they are working on, either alone or with other, national or international organizations.

HAK reported about cooperation with the FIA and Faculty of Traffic Engineering in the project “10-4 Kids” that is being carried out with iRAP SR4S – check of the roads safety in zones near schools. On the occasion of the UN Global Road Safety Week Campaign „Streets for Life #Love30“, a survey was carried out. Finally, a HAK survey carried out on citizen’s attitudes on speeding was presented.


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