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European Road Safety Charter Workshop was held in Brussels

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Mon, 02/08/2016 - 09:00 to 14:00
Responsible Yopung Drivers

The Belgian ERS Charter workshop took place on the 8th February 2016 in Brussels and focused on topics related to driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and with this occasion  the 3D Tripping (Virtual Reality Simulator) was introduced. The workshop counted with the presence of Mr. Casto Lopez Benitez (EC – DG MOVE) who spoke about the RoadSafety Policy in the European Union and explained why all partners (national, international, locals) should work together to decrease the number of fatalities on the roads by 2020.Laura Gonzalez Schena reported on the European Road Safety Charter underlining the good practices presented by many members from the different member states of the European Union. Ruben Stassen spoke about the European Youth Forum for Road Safety and explained the danger of driving under influence of drugs and the increase of accidents related to it. At the end  Pieter Folkertsma (Stichting Responsible Young Drivers NL) introduced the new 3D Tripping ( Virtual Reality Simulator). During this campaign young people will experience (in avirtual realty world) how alcohol and drugs affect our ability to drive. Responsible Young Drivers will use the 3D Tripping campaign to start peer-to-peer conversation about driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.