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ERS Charter workshop in Rome focused on safe cycling

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Fri, 12/11/2015 - 11:00
Traffic Police Academy
National Traffic Police Service

The Italian ERS Charter workshop was held on Friday  11th  December in the framework of the 15th edition of the Icarus Project Award Ceremony.
The event took place in the Traffic Police Academy in Roma and gathered more than 200 young students from primary and secondary schools. Representatives from the partner organizations involved in the project such as: Department of Psychology of the Sapienza University of Rome, the Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure, the Movement of Parents (Moige), the ANIA Foundation for the Road Safety, the highways group  ASTM-SIAS, A22 Autostrada del Brennero and the Italian Cyclist Federation were also represented  at the event.
This year the Icarus initiative focused on aspects related to safe cycling and on the importance of respecting traffic rules. Best photographs raising awareness about the most important aspects of safe cycling were awarded.
During the Award ceremony a practical workshop on safe cycling was organized. Participating students had the possibility to learn about safer cycling, in particular, the use of cycle helmets and the correct way of fixing them as well as the importance of wearing high visibility clothing and accessories.
The representatives of the Traffic Police showed participants animations alerting on different kinds of dangerous situations that vulnerable users (cyclists, pedestrians) can encounter on the street.  A debate with students about how to avoid/prevent these dangerous situations followed.
Special guests attended the event such as   the Technical Director of the sports group of the State Police Force Stefano Pantano and an exceptional Police Inspector: The Inspector Rex, hero of the famous television series.