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ERS Charter webinar: Road Safety indicators & Road safety performance indicators

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Thu, 06/29/2017 - 14:00
ERS Charter Team

Road safety indicators as an input for policy making
Wouter Van den Berghe – Head of the knowledge centrum of the BRSI
“The absolute and relative numbers of fatal and injury accidents are the most frequently used indicators to monitor evolutions in road safety. A comprehensive monitoring system for road safety, however, also needs to include indicators in relation to factors that contribute to the frequency and severity of road crashes, such as education and driver behaviour. Other factors influencing road crashes (e.g. prevalence of traffic infractions in different areas, road infrastructure and vehicle park quality, enforcement systems, etc..) need to be monitored as well.
By following a hierarchical indicator framework it is possible to define a complete and structured set of road safety indicators, starting from final outcomes (injury statistics), over intermediate outcomes (at the level of road user behaviour, road infrastructure and vehicles) to indicators for safety measures, policies and structural and cultural environment. The presentation will address how to choose, define and measure indicators at different hierarchical levels and how these indicators can be used to adjust and adapt road safety policy.”
Road safety performance indicators for road safety management
Sofie Questier & Ky-Tho Ly – Coordinator of the ISO 39001-assessment at de BRSI
“Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems’ is an ISO standard (ISO 39001) for a management system for road traffic safety. The implementation of the standard is intended to enable organizations to improve their traffic safety and to reduce the number of persons killed or severely injured.
In 2014, the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BRSI) was the first Belgian company certified ISO 39001. We will give insight into the performance indicators  and the way the BRSI limits road safety risks for their employees and stakeholders.”
The webinar will be held on Thursday 29 June at 2:00 pm CET
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