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Concursul Regional,,Educaţia rutieră-Educaţie pentru viaţă“ la Clubul Copiilor Breaza

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Sat, 03/11/2017 - 00:00
Clubul Copiilor Breaza-Structura a Palatului Copiilor Ploiesti

The ʺRoad Safety Education-Education for a Lifetimeʺ Regional Contest at Children’s Club from Breaza Concursul Regional,,Educaţia rutieră-Educaţie pentru viaţă“ la Clubul Copiilor Breaza, structură a Palatului Copiilor Ploieşti (faza pe şcoală) The Children’s Club from Breaza is part of The Children’s Palace Ploiesti and it offers free of charge courses such as: Music, Karate, Chess, Education for European Citizenship and Karting. The Karting course has the following objectives: • to help children and teenagers learn about go-karts and how to use them, take part in kart races and contests, • but also to get students accustomed with road safety regulations and road traffic laws, to help students understand the importance of following these rules. This is the reason why the club has organised the first phase of the Regional Contest, entitled ʺRoad Safety Education-Education for a Lifetimeʺ. The contest has had two main parts: 1. A cycling contest where children between 8 and 16 years old proved their skills in using their bikes (a cycling obstacle race) 2. Road traffic laws questionnaires-students had to answer questions connected to road safety regulations and road signs. The first stage of the contest was also held in Breaza, at the Children’s Club, on the 11th of March 2017. The karting teacher from our institution, Adrian Ionescu, was the one who coordinated the first stage of this contest. The jury was made up of teachers from Children’s Club and the Children’s Palace Ploiesti (Education for Democratic Citizenship Course-Teacher Ioana Paraschiv and Model Airplanes Course-Teacher Marius Savulescu). The photos were taken by students from the Education for Democratic Citizenship Course who took part in the activity as observers. The winners received diplomas and they will take part in the next stages of the contest: local and regional. This contest represents an interactive way of helping our students learn about road regulations, understand them and apply them correctly.