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Fri, 05/27/2016 - 00:00 to Sun, 05/29/2016 - 00:00

Kouros Association is organizing 3-day activities under the general title “Road Safety”. The activities are taking place in the town of Megara during the dates 27, 28 and 29th May 2016. The dates were chosen so that the activities are incorporated within the framework of the chapter Road Safety the activities of which take place at the beginning of the Summer. This year´s activities will fall as a sequence of the activities that took place in 2015, (8-10 May) during the 3rd World Week for Road Safety of the United Nations. In particular, Kouros Voluntary Organisation of Megara is working in cooperation with the Periphery of West Attika, the Municipality of Megara and other NGO’s and volunteer organisations, that is the Greek Motor Sport Association (OMAE), the Megara Motorbile Touring Association, the Local Department of Primary Education (Ministry of Education), Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Entrepraneurs’ Association of Megara and various Parents of Students Associations. This year’s activities are dedicated to the children; hence the activities will fall under the general title «2nd Road Safety Competition for Children» Programme of activities 27th May, Day 1: 500 12-year-old primary school pupils from the town of Megara and other neighbouring towns have been invited. It is a morning activity (10:00 – 12:0) and will be held at the Megara Sport’s Complex, amidst concurrent educational activities. The complex provides an abundance of spectator seats as we favour the presence of individuals as spectators (pupils), contestants (adults representing the local and regional collective bodies and institutions) and judges (road safety instructors) The children – spectators will be able to watch, learn, be trained, see behavior patterns and judge the adult prominent members of the society. The organisers and co-organisers direct the activities on the basis of good practices, appropriate acting and transmit relevant social messages (as judges) Educational activities Each child will receive a T-shirt bearing the logo 30 Km/h incorporated on a cracked heart. This logo aims to urge the decision makers to cater for reduction of the speed limit within the urban areas from 50 Km/h to 30 Km//h, hence yielding a safer environment. Research findings that have been made public, show that the involvement of a child and a vehicle in a road accident tend to be fatal. This is, therefore, our motive to urge our leaders at local, regional and national level to pass laws that reduce the speed limit in the urban areas where we have increased presence and mobility of children either as pedestrians or bicycle riders both near their schools and all around the towns. Each child will also be given a card, one side red colour the other side green colour. The red side denotes the error while the green one marks the correct conduct. The competing adults are asked to give an account of their correct or incorrect driving conduct and the children – spectators will show the red or green side of the card. Those “scrutinized” that will receive a red card will be expelled from the arena, in simulation of a football game. During the evening hours – 17:00 to 21:00 – the town centre will be converted into a pedestrians’ and cyclists’ area by banning all motor vehicle traffic. There will be special educational stands and volunteers will be giving educational advice on road safety and recycling. There will be painting and handcraft workshops accompanied with questionnaires for children, focusing on road safety. Those children involved are going to be given a personal “riding bike license” and an “insurance contract”. Gifts will be given to those children that will be able to mark 11 attendances. The objective of this evening activity is the integration of minors and adults from the point of view of a child, being an assessor of an adult’s driving behavior. We can certainly incorporate this activity in the initiative “Together we are road safety” of the European Chart for Road Safety. It is deduced that the children will also become aware of the necessary skills and procedures in order to obtain a vehicle’s driving license. At the very same night 21:00 there will be a children’s music performance in the Central Square. 28th May, Day 2: Saturday. 10:30 – 13:30 there will be workshops and entertainers at the Central Square. Target audience will be pre-primary and primary school students. 29th May, Day 3: Sunday. We organize the 12th Bike Tour of Megara. (Not a competition but educational ride that riders ride through sites of natural and historical interest). At the end of the Tour there will be a raffle ticket lottery pick where winners will receive gifts. Reasons for opting to give away T-shirts with a social message ·0 The need to reduce the speed limit within the urban road and street network ·1 To promote the use of the bicycle as an environment friendly means of transport ·2 To raise parents awareness, mobility and involvement on issues of preventing road accidents ·3 To provoke and inform state organisations about this major social issue ·4 To inform our citizens of ways to prevent road accidents We will be happy to enjoy the pleasure of your presence at our 3-day activities Sotiris Giannoupoulos Road Safety Manager email. : giannopoulosHYPERLINK "".HYPERLINK ""ttmegaraHYPERLINK ""@HYPERLINK ""gmailHYPERLINK "".HYPERLINK ""com Road Safety is everyone’s concern

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